Mon, Apr 18 - Thur, May 19 | Country Arbors Nursery

VOLUNTEER: 2022 Annual Native Plant Sale


Help Grand Prairie Friends with our largest event of the year, The Native Plant Sale!

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Time & Location

Full Schedule of Volunteer Opportunities:

Monday, April 18   10am-noon
Monday, April 18   1-3pm
Tuesday, April 19   10am-noon

Tuesday, April 19   1-3pm
Wednesday, April 20  1-3pm
Wednesday, April 20  4-6pm
Thursday, April 21  10am-noon
Thursday, April 21  1-3pm
Friday, April 22  1-3pm
Saturday, April 23  1-3p


Label Pots:
Sunday, May 15  1-3pm


Pick and QA Orders:
Monday, May 16   9am-noon
Tuesday, May 17   9am-noon
Wednesday, May 18   9am-noon
Thursday, May 19   9am-noon


Load Orders:
Monday, May 16   3-6pm
Tuesday, May 17  3-6pm
Wednesday, May 18   3-6pm
Thursday, May 19  3-6pm


About the Event

Volunteer for our largest event of the year, the Annual Native Plant Sale!  Volunteers are needed in all areas from transplanting seedlings, labeling plants, picking orders, and loading final orders for customers.  Click on RSVP to sign up for your preferred area and time.


All events are hosted at:

Country Arbors Nursery

1742 County Rd 1400 N

Urbana, IL 61802, USA