Blazing stars are iconic flowers of the Grand Prairie. There are few rivals to the pageant of beauty when their spikes of rose-purple flowers bloom.

Our Shared Conservation Value

Grand Prairie Friends is a family of conservation-minded supporters that share a passion for the long-term care and stewardship of our natural areas, prairies and forests, in east-central Illinois. You are a vital member of that family.


Since 1984, we have worked together towards our common mission to preserve and restore natural communities in east-central Illinois and promote an understanding and appreciation of natural resources. We do this now and for the future.


As a supporter, you have provided important habitat for plants and animals; places to reflect and recreate; and clean water and air.


Your Opportunity for Future Conservation

Together, we will continue to protect the land we treasure today and forever. As a member of the Blazing Star Society, you will help to ensure that the natural areas conservation work important to you will continue through your annual gift.


Blazing Star Society members donate unrestricted, annual gifts to Grand Prairie Friends at $1000 and above. Memberships include individuals and their immediate family member (i.e. spouse or partner). Members will be recognized at events, in the newsletter, annual report, and more. Members will be invited to participate in special members-only outings and gatherings throughout the year.


Join others that share your passion to ensure that the beauty of the Grand Prairie region persists.


We look forward to your membership in the Blazing Star Society. Please contact Sarah Livesay, Executive Director (, or talk to any Board member, for more information.


Charlene Anchor
Dave & Karen Andsager
Alice Berkson & Alex Scheeline

Betty Brennan

Clark & Irene Bullard
Mike & Jane Cain

Beth Chato
Nancy Coutant
Fred & Nancy Delcomyn
Dave & Dianda Easter
Thomas Fehrmann
Robert Fiedler
Sandy & Joe Finnerty
Beverly & Dan Foote
Eric & Jane Freyfogle
Janet & Hugh Gallivan
Wendy Garrison & Richard Raspet
Ryan & Renee Guynn
Summer &Stephen Hennessy
Stan Herrin
Susan &Lew Hopkins
Phil Hult
Jenny Hunt & Kristi Mercer
Shirley Hunt
Gary & Dixie Jackson
Karen & Pat Kane
Keith Kohanzo

Peter & Betsy Kuchinke 
Pam Leiter
Sarah & Jeff Livesay

Ben & Chiara Lumpkin
Kenton & Dorothy Macy
David & Chris Main
John & Diane Marlin
Robert McKim
Shirley Meece
Don Meier
Craig Milling & Carla Cáceres
Dirk Mol & Jerry Wray
Sharon Monday & Jack Paxton

Paul Nance & Glenna Spitze
Elizabeth & Milton Otto
Susan Post & Michael Jeffords
Thomas & Beverly Rauchfuss
Trent Shepard
Mary Kay Solecki & John Taft
Valerie Sivicek

Peg Steffensen
Carol & Topper Steinman
Cynthia Swanson

Judith & Dick Turner
Gloria Valenti
Michael Walker & Kristina Gunsalus

James Webster
Ed & Diane Wilhite

Bonnie Woodyard