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Warbler Ridge Hike App is now LIVE!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Thanks to a dedicated crew of Grand Prairie Friends members, YOU can now enjoy an interpretive hike down Warbler trail learning the stories hidden among the natural history of the land. After a recent grant from the Prairie State Conservation Coalition (Illinois' Hike App Host), the team set off to write twelve intriguing stops along the Warbler trail.

Guests can download the App on their smartphone or device ($0.99) and read along or enjoy the audio version by volunteer narrator John Taft. "The Hike App tour can help answer the many questions prompted by the wonder inspired when visitors are immersed in nature like they are here at Warbler Ridge", said Hike App team writer Pam Leiter.

On-site tours of the App and further information will be shared at the Fall Meeting and Fall Fête event, join us.

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