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Lace up the Boots for Five More Trail Miles!

Thanks in great part to a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Amenities Grant, approximately FIVE more miles of trails will be available to the public this fall at Warbler Ridge. Local residents Tony Willenborg and Brendan Lynch were the project leaders that designed and constructed the trail over the summer months with the support of a locally recruited trail building team. Tony says his motivation for the work came from his own connection with the site, "When hiking or working at Warbler Ridge, I always enjoy the calm and relaxing environment".

These trails provide access to previously difficult-to-access sections of the Conservation Area. The North and South River Trails offer mowed grass hiking along the Embarras River. The Cemetery Ridge Trail allows visitors to approach the historic Waltrip-McKenzie cemetery in one of the highest vistas within the Area. Hold tight while we finish signage on the trails for our Grand Opening Trail Ribbon Cutting at the Fall Fête on September 22.

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