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A look at the quality of ponds and streams in Warbler Ridge

Grand Prairie Friends intern Melina Pakey-Rodriguez always had an interest in water. Through her internship with Grand Prairie Friends, she was able to explore that interest through her self-led water sampling project. Melina identified two sites within the GPF properties at Warbler Ridge that were representative of the site's various landscapes. One of the most interesting findings was a large number of riffle beetles which are indicators of high quality habitat and are rarely found in small, slow-moving streams such as the ones she sampled.

Melina is in her junior year at Cornell University where she is majoring in Environment & Sustainability with minors in anthropology and climate change. In the future, she hopes to use a more holistic view of water which incorporates both ecological and anthropogenic factors in order to promote more responsible, sustainable uses of water. Her internship with GPF has helped her understand the challenges of conservation and has taught her many hands-on, practical skills involved in habitat restoration.

You can view the findings of the project here: Warbler Ridge Stream and Pond Monitoring


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