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Help Save the Rattlesnake!

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It will come as no surprise to you that the Rattlesnake Master Run for the Prairie will not be held this November.  A streak of 21 straight years comes to a pause but YOU now have the rare opportunity to own a piece of the Rattlesnake!


OK.  How can I help?

We are selling this year’s race for $1.00 per meter.   We appreciate any amount, but

  • Buy 25 meters ($25) - your name will be posted on signs at the 2021 race.

  • Buy 50 meters ($50) - you will also be listed as a shiny new member of Grand Prairie Friends. 

  • Buy 100 meters ($100) - we will throw in a Grand Prairie Friends t-shirt.  (We know you don’t need another shirt, but this one is not a race shirt.  It is actually attractive.)

And if you just have to buy the whole race, that is (5K) $5,000 or (10K) $10,000, we will name next year’s race after YOU.  Of course, any purchase comes with a large dollop of gratitude.


OK. What do I do?

Or mail a check to Grand Prairie Friends, PO Box 36, Urbana, IL  61803.


Why do you need fundraisers?

Grand Prairie Friends is a not-for-profit group.  We do not receive tax money from any level of government.  Buying land is expensive.  Protecting that land is expensive year after year.  We depend on donations from our members and friends and from money raised from events like the Rattlesnake Master Run/Walk.  Cancelling the race for 2020 puts a hole in our budget.

Thanks for your help! Happy Fall Running/ Walking!


Send it in by November 1 and you will appear on our facebook tracker page! The bees, bats, birds, and butterflies will thank you.

2020 Rattlesnake Master Sponsors

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